Product Owner Is a Bad Bad Idea

InfoQ - Culture & Methods

The question of whether the Product Owner role is good or not clearly depends on a lot of factors including team maturity, organisational maturity, organisational type, organisational complexity, and the Product Owner themselves. Some thought leaders are…

7 September 2020

Nine iPhone secrets you may not know about

Apple World Today

The iPhone represents technical complexity and usage simplicity combination that just makes it stand apart from the rest. It’s loaded with advanced features that fill most of the needs a phone user will have.

5 September 2020

Preserving data integrity: A ZFS-inspired storage system

Hacker News

When we are storing data, we typically assume that our storage system of choice returns that data later just as we put it in. However what guarantees do we have that this is actually the case? The case made here is the case of bitrot, the silent…

4 September 2020

Software defined storage vs. hardware defined storage

Hacker News

Everybody claims to be a software company these days. From the nearly decade old pronouncement by Marc Andressen that “Software Is Eating the World” to the push from Wall Street to produce recurring software revenue; the pressure is on to claim - at least …

4 September 2020

Presentation: Lessons from DAZN: Scaling Your Project with Micro-frontends

InfoQ - Architecture & Design

Luca Mezzalira explains how to implement micro-front-ends, enabling to scale up a project with tens of developers without reducing the throughput. Micro-front-ends are a new architectural trend in the development of front-end applications. This style can…

4 September 2020

Article: How to Build a Strong Beta Testers Community

InfoQ - Agile

It is important to involve the real users at the early stages of your development cycle. A strong beta testers community not only improves your product, but also provides context, pain points and ideas while increasing loyalty and engagement. This article…

4 September 2020

curl help remodeled

Planet Mozilla

curl 4.8 was released in 1998 and contained 46 command line options. curl --help would list them all. A decent set of options. When we released curl 7.72.0 a few weeks ago, it contained 232 options… and curl --help still listed all available options. What…

4 September 2020